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  • LOCATION We recognize the best spot depending whether the tree or shrub likes sun or shade, and what its spacing and waterin requirements are.

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  • SEASON For most trees and shrubs, we usually transplant during late winter or early spring. Fall is our second best option, but during the summer it is not advisable at all.

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  • DESIGN We ensure the best placement to the design aspect, as well as thinking about sustainability. We help you select species of trees depending on your space requirements, existing plants and structures, seasonal interest desired and the function the tree will have in your specific landscape.

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  • SOIL Our job regarding the soil is to make sure that the new location match the soil type, drainage and pH of the original site as much as possible. For a large transplant that many trees should be moved, a soil analysis is recommended to compare soil structure, porosity, and amendments required.

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  • WATER Transplanted tree usually don't have an extensive root system. We make sure that your plants will receive a lot of water on a regular basis. Watering is normally required weekly for the first month and twice a month for the rest of the first growing season. We keep on watering because it should continue as needed for 2-3 seasons after transplanting. Specially evergreens, they should be watered regularly until the soil freezes in order to prevent winter browning and needle desiccation due to dehydration by winter winds and sun exposure.

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  • MULCH Planted and transplanted trees will always benefit from quality mulching. Mulch will keep soil temperature, reduce erosion, reduce weed competition, improve moisture retention, reduce damage to tree trunks and roots from mowers, and it also provides a nice finish to shaded areas.


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