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  • PreparationSuccess of a home lawn is related to soil preparation prior to lawn establishment. We eliminate weed problems, test the soil, add organic matter when needed, apply starter fertilizers and establish a favorable final grade. We make sure that your soil is ready to receive your new lawn. It may also check nutrients and soil amendments to create uniformity of the subsoil.

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  • InstallationOnce the site is properly prepared, the beginning stages for installing a new lawn are similar for seed, hydroseed, sod and artificial tuf. Is recommended to install a new lawn in the early Fall (late August to mid October). We usually choose the sodding process because our customers love that immediate green carpet feeling. Whether you pick seed or sodding, watering is the essential step to guarantee great results. We also assure that you will maintain moisture in the soil to keep excellence during longer periods and severe weather.

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  • Irrigation It seems to be the simplest, but irrigation is the most important component of lawn care and maintenance. We assure the development of a strong and vigorous root system in order for a lawn to thrive. The heart of our great results is detailed attention to moist and aerated soil. Technology is our allied while improving your irrigation. We install and maintain the best in irrigation system. We check your irrigation system for leaks, broken or misdirect heads, faulty valves, and other imperfections. Adjust sprinklers to keep water off driveways and sidewalks. Improve your system with devices such as root heads, smart controllers, and soil moisture sensors. We use tests to see how evenly your sprinkler system covers different areas of your lawn and to estimate how long to water.

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  • MowingWe perfectly determine how much to cut at each mowing depending upon the growth habit of the grass and the leaf texture, or even the width of the leaves. Grass healthy depends on having adequate leaf surface for food production through photosynthesis. Mowing too low removes too much of the food producing area. Mowing too high can hurt the appearance or usefulness of the turf. We determine when and how often to mow your lawn by taking into account the growth rate of the grass during each season and the desired resulting height of the lawn. Grasses require more frequent mowing during their active growing period. We also use the best tools to find out how much fertilizer and water your lawn receives to synchronize with the growth rate depending on the mowing cycle.

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  • FertilizingFertilizing affects grass colour, growing, weeds and pest problems. Fertilizers are important for healthy, strong, vigorous plant growth and development. We make sure that essential nutrients that are not found in the soil will be available at the right time and specific quantities. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are usually basic nutrients needed for grass development, but lawns may often be deficient in iron. Our specialist and tools will tell us exactly what to do to avoid grasscycling and keep the soil fertilized always.

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  • Grass DevelopmentIt is not only all about beauty because lawns increase real estate value and stabilize soils mainly by preventing soil erosion. Great maintenance also focus on appropriate species and grass selection, liming, core aeration, and proper pesticide and fertilize use. Our management team are responsible to take soil tests periodically to monitor nutrient and pH levels. Our sod can be laid almost any time of year provided availability of proper irrigation. We make sure that sod laid during hot/dry periods receive more frequent watering. Proper care during the entire year may require liming, mowing, dethatching, aeration, weed control, avoiding grass diseases and insects. We can save your lawn already planted as well as taking smart decisions since the beginning to make sure that your newly installed lawn will result in a healty and dense carpet that will endure all year long.


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