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  • WHY MASONRY? Masonry is building structures made by masonry units that can be bricks, concrete blocks, stones, etc. Those masonry units are usually laid with cement mortar. Masonry work can become beautiful walls and floor that increase property value at economical prices, but quite labor intensive. Great advantages of masonry are durability and little to no maintenance.

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  • WHY US? Once you have an idea, you realize that you will face overwhelming options to complete your project. We will be able to guide you and offer expert opinions that will help you get the most from your money and your home. We will be able to tell you, for example, what the most popular choices are and why these choices are so popular. We would also be able to explain, having in mind your unique situation, some of the more unappreciated installations and what they have to offer. Mainly in Port Chester - NY and Greenwich - CT, we have great success and great examples of a job well done.

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  • STONE WALLS AND VENEERSConstantly working with stone, we how to manipulate the material to fit any design and look. We can also help answer questions you might have about the relative pros and cons for natural stone, engineered stone, and stone veneers for your specific project and budget.

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  • STONE OR BRICK SIDING Despite of being one of the first masonry projects of all times, brick and stone siding is essentially the same thing used to build the pyramids. It is worth noticing that famous Egyptian icons are a strong endorsement for this siding's durability and strength.

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  • FIREPLACES It is a wonderful dream for a home owner to have their designed and installed fireplace. A fireplace becomes priceless as soon as your family expand and your kids will love to sleep around your fireplace expecting to see the Santa. Needless to say, a fireplace represents much more than a hole in the wall where you can burn wood. We can create a true and warm heart for your beloved home. We could go further and state that no other place in your home will show a greater different between authentic brick or high quality masonry work and those common cheap imitations. Let us take care of your Fireplace and bring extra joy to your family.

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  • PATIOS AND WALKWAYS Have you ever thought about having a little extra space or changing a bit your surrounding? We can transform your yard into a connected whole and give you more living space. This is a common project and it is a great way to add value or a curb appeal to your property.


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Bricks and Stones bring a rich contrast to the delicacy of your preferred plants