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LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE - P. Fernandes Landscaping Contractor - Port Chester, NY and Greenwich, CT

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  • WHAT IS MAINTENANCE? We usually refer to maintenance as trimming, pruning, mowing, edging, placement of bark dust, application of fertilizer, adjusting sprinkler heads and programming irrigation controllers. The upkeep of already-installed landscape projects may also be considered maintenance. We also include the planting of outdoor pots and containers when the pots and containers can be placed without the use of power equipment.

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  • LAWN MAINTENANCE We make sure that you will always have a healthy and beautiful lawn and garden. To get the job done is not like rocket science, but it does take a lot of effort, time, patience, the right information, the right professional and the right tools. We are top lawn and garden experts that can give you advice and transform your garden into a high-beauty paradise. We take care of the best properties mainly in Port Chester, NY and Greenwich, CT.

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  • PRUNING Our pruning is proper to enhance the beauty of almost any landscape tree and shrub. Pruning requires specific knowledge, good professionals and great tools. Despite the idea that pruning is simple, it needs to be correctly done in order to supply additional energy for the development of flowers, fruits, and limbs that remain on the plant. We make sure that we will remove plant parts to improve the health, landscape effect, or value of the plant.

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  • MOWING Besides of being simply necessary, mowing brings a host of benefits that make it well worth it. The first immediate benefit is the visual benefit when you have your grass short, neat and even. Another substantial benefit is the elimination of some pests from the grass. Mowing ensures that various piees of debris are picked up and cleared every week.

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  • FERTILIZER PLACEMENT Fertilizer placement is an integral part of efficient soil maintenance. Correct fertilizer placement often improves the efficiency by which plants take up nutrients and consequently encourages maximum yields of intensively managed agronomic areas. Correct fertilizer placement can protect both surface and groundwater quality. Subsurface banding of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) fertilizers is a best management practice (BMP) designed to protect surface water quality by reducing potential erosional losses.

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  • IRRIGATION We can literally help you save thousands of gallons of water in your landscape, and save your garden from drowning by setting your irrigation controller. We have years of experience to know exactly when your plants need to change the watering schedules as plants become established. We follow season variations and raining to perfectly determine what you need in terms of irrigation.


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Proper Irrigation and Intense Management is essential for a beautiful New Lawn


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Bricks and Stones bring a rich contrast to the delicacy of your preferred plants