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New Lawns, Transplants, Spring/Fall Cleanup, Maintenance, Masonry Work and all that you need to keep your landscape perfect.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field, P. Fernandes Landscaping is your best option to protect, keep your land in order and your garden always beautiful all year long. We use the best tools and offer the best products. We are proud to have the most agile and qualified professionals in our team. We still keep in mind sophistication and modernity in all the work that we provide. Our satisfaction is your comfort. We are glad to get in touch with you and you will understand why we are taking the landscaping to a whole new level.

P. Fernandes Landscaping Contractor - Port Chester, NY and Greenwich, CT - Landscape Maintenance & Design

After so many years proving a great work with excellence, P. Fernandes Landscaping earned much more than admiration from our clients and friends. With our unique style to communicate with our best customers, we got their priceless affection. Our drive for high standards was always our main goal to make us work harder everyday. What is our secret of success for so long?

We reinforce that our great work is going to harmonize and synchronize with your unique lifestyle and requirements. We care about your land, but we care about your comfort too. We honour your high expectation, as well as our dead lines and your schedule. We guarantee that our job will impress your eyes exactly when you want it done.

We like to communicate with our customers and impress them with their wishes. Our qualified team are specialists that like to give hints and suggestion, but your word will always be a command for us.

Best Customers and Their Testimonials

Best we ever had

Paulo is great! Love his work!

Our place is much better just because of our beautiful garden

We can only thank Paulo for all he has done


New Lawns

Uniform coverage

Proper Irrigation and Intense Management is essential for a beautiful New Lawn


Powerful Equipments

We will keep your land always in order with qualified professionals operating the best available tools


Durability and Resistance

Bricks and Stones bring a rich contrast to the delicacy of your preferred plants